Meet Mister Cakes

Left as a baby on the steps of London Town's most saucy cake factory, Mister Cakes was destined to lead The Cakesmen

He’s a classic gent in a modern city. The kind of guy to give you his last Rolo. Chaps want to be him. Ladies want to be with him. Dogs want to dry hump his leg

Cursed with a weakness for all things sweet, don’t be surprised if you catch him with his hands on some soft buns or his fingers in a tart

Although respected as a world-class love maker, his penchant for slap-and-tickle often finds him in a pickle

Meet Percy the Pigeon

Head of our Delivery Squad. In his early life Percy was part of a gang hustling tourists for bread in Trafalgar Square, before Mister Cakes showed him a better life

Now he uses his street smarts to make sure your order makes it safely to your door every time

As the self proclaimed founder of the Mile High Club, Percy is not immune to the occasional ‘distraction’ if he spots a cute tit en route. He says it dumping some fuel helps him fly faster

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